1997 Toyota Avensis

1997 Toyota Avensis 1997 Toyota Avensis Real reviews about Toyota Land Cruiser Specifications Toyota RAV4 2018 Which is better, Toyota Camry or Honda Accord All the pros and cons of Toyota Camry 2011-2014 The first variants of Toyota Avensis 1997-2003 are very popular. This was facilitated by reliability and indestructibility, the characteristics of which were evaluated even in the predecessor – “Karina E”. For a long time, cars that belong to the middle class were produced under the name “Karina”. To eliminate the outdatedness, obsolescence of these cars, the models decided to rename. Because the name “Carina” has been used for a long time. Also, the company changed its marketing strategy and this also led to the decision to rename. Cars are oriented for European motorists. To reduce costs and transportation costs, the models decided to be produced in England. Thus, the “Japanese” became British citizens. But what about quality? According to experts, there is no reason for concern. The elimination of childhood diseases occurred in the first years of graduation. The developers did a great job of eliminating the main shortcomings of their predecessors – ordinary, uninteresting external characteristics. They made cars with an enviable appearance. Although you won’t see galvanizing on the bodies, high-quality anti-corrosion and paint coatings do their job. Cars do not corrode. Driving position with good visibility. There are also comments about backward movements. The lower edges of the rear windows are located very high, so the extreme, rear dimensions of the cars are not visible. Toyota Avensis 1997 – 2003 made with two sets. Basic – Linea Terra and expensive Linea Sol. The second with foglights in front and washers for lighting devices. We also note that cars with decent equipment: Note! In case of poor performance of air conditioners, check the radiator cells of these units. Because these radiators are installed in front of the main ones, which help to cool the systems, so they quickly become clogged, which affects the overall functionality of the mechanisms. If these elements are dirty, it is possible that the engines will overheat. Electrical equipment can also fail in the form of exits from the operating modes of ignition systems, with burning of contact groups. And when drivers turn the keys “to start”, the cars do not want to start. https://cars45.com/listing/toyota/avensis/1997