2009 land rover

2009 land rover 2009 land rover Good afternoon, evening everyone! ;). I apologize in advance for mistakes and spelling, I am writing the first review in my life 🙂 I ask everyone to be adequate and respect each other. I owned exclusively Japanese (land cruiser 120, 100, 200, gx470), but always since 2002 I have been a fan of Range rover 3. I was afraid to take it like most people because of the reviews and jokes about the service. Having sold the Lexus, he began to look for a car and yet matured on the Range rover. I studied the forums for a long time and tediously and came to the conclusion that you need to take a car from 2006-2009 of release (at that time the brand was owned by jaguar) . I don’t want to slander cars made in 2002-2005 with engines and components from bmw, because I didn’t own it myself. And so the choice fell on the 4.2 supercharged engine, 2009 one of the last in this line, then it was restyled and the 5.0 engine went. I will not describe the purchase and search for a car, long and ordinary. I will share my operating experience, and it has been almost two years. After buying immediately replaced all those. liquids and all. After 6 months, the hub buzzed, put a duplicate one for 5500 and there were no more problems with the car. Therefore, I do not want to hear nonsense about the “bucket”, “the owners met in the morning at the service” and so on. I emphasize that the car is absolutely reliable and is no different from any other. According to me, I had no complaints with her. Everything works and nothing is buggy and it does not fall anywhere. Of course I have sore, in winter, after washing the car in the evening, in the morning you won’t be able to slam the door until you warm up the interior)) I think the owners will understand what I mean! 1) For planned work. Changed pads front and rear. Good double 3500 front, 2800 rear as in Japanese. Oil filter 700 rub. 2009 land rover 3) Salon. Everything is subjective here, but I like it wildly and it doesn’t stand next to Toyotas. 4) Music. Harmon Kardon Logic7. To be honest, I was looking forward to an unearthly sound. In fact, everything turned out worse. Music quality, but not “elite”. There is AUX but no USB. 5) Multimedia. Everything is bad here. The standard head in terms of picture quality is comparable to a Nokia phone of the early 2000s and, of course, it cannot boast of a beautifully designed menu either. There is a regular TV, which catches and shows well within the city. There are also monitors in the headrests for the rear passengers and headphones. 6) Rear passengers. For rear saddles with a large growth, it will not be convenient. The ceiling is low. 7) Climate. 4 zones, 4 heating, front seats with ventilation. 8) Equipment. Heated steering wheel, heated windshield, heated side mirrors, regular webasto, clarion changer for 6 discs, alpine DVD changer in the trunk for 6 discs, front double windows, light and rain sensor, electric handbrake, cruise control and other crap. 9) Brakes. Stand regular Brembo. I can’t say that you feel like you’re on a racing car. On the 3rd braking they swim just like everyone else. One plus is that they do not turn sour like Kruzakov’s. 10) Motor. It’s just a delight, it’s enough for a civilian jeep. Of course, it makes no sense to compare with x5 and others. For an SUV weighing almost 3 tons, it rides well. 11) Trunk. This is a minus. He is small. As in Kruzak you can’t carry refrigerators. 12) Suspension. I will express myself like this! She is balanced. Not as energy-intensive as Kruzak’s, small potholes and police floats, but dirt roads with stones are not her