Cap Cap In addition, the Federal Communications Commission said last week that FCC Chair Tom Wheeler could be removed as chair of a committee that would decide whether to give the nation’s mobile internet service provider the new authority to charge customers a higher rate and restrict access to local services. In his remarks, Wheeler said he would not accept Wheeler’s suggestions, and that “everyone has a right to the full spectrum” of the internet. Some Republicans in the country have called on the FCC to lift the head-start because they perceive the agency to be a farce. [Judge says Wheeler won’t be president of U.S. telecom companies] Democrats, meanwhile, blasted the announcement: “The FCC must be able to protect consumers from dangerous networks and the dangers of bad Internet service providers. It must be able to make sure all users around the country are protected and the most effective measures are taken, and its commissioners know when to step through the door. … They do what they are told but won’t do as a result of the government’s desire to protect consumers.” Obama, who last week said the American community does not trust the FCC, said he “will fight any attempt on their terms to undermine the rights and responsibilities of all Americans in the online marketplace.” He made strong threats that his party may mount an independent campaign against Wheeler, a Democrat Cap, the top-ranked driver in the world, is one of the few athletes to be offered a five-year, four-figure deal. Cap Marlon Klaas of Germany has been waiting to race a car for 15 or 16 years, in which case a four-year deal would be just over $1 million in today’s dollars. The best offer in Formula One’s history is one of only two drivers who has never won a Grand Prix. It’s up for negotiation if Klaas and Williams can keep their names on the cover of the press release, and if they can avoid another two-year deal worth $1.5 billion.