How much does a wedding cake cost in Moscow: an overview of prices and options.

How much does a wedding cake cost in Moscow: an overview of prices and options.

4 main factors affecting the cost of a wedding cake.

The price of a wedding cake depends on many factors, of which the key ones are:

The number of guests, which affects the weight and number of tiers. Filling. Complexity / simplicity of decor (figurines, decoration). Manufacturer’s confectionery segment:

How the number of guests affects the price of a wedding cake.

The first thing that directly affects the cost of a wedding cake is its weight. All pastry shops start a conversation with a client with the question:

A normal portion of dessert per adult is on average 200-250 grams. If you take less, it may not be enough for everyone, especially if the filling is to your taste. If more, then for thrifty couples it will seem like a waste.

You also need to understand that most often confectionery calculates the weight of the cake, including its coating and decorations: figurines, flowers, beads and other decorative elements made of mastic, glaze, sugar. They are

Some pastry shops, realizing this fact, make cakes with a slight margin (upward error). But, first of all, not all; secondly, the advantage is small: 0.5

So, we figured out the norms for calculating the weight for 1 guest, it’s time to decide on the number of tiers of the wedding cake. Most newlyweds, especially brides, would like to see a beautiful tiered cake at their wedding. However, it is logical that the more tiers the cake has, the more weight. Based on the analysis of information from Moscow confectionery sites, the following table can be displayed:

Number of guests.

The weight of the wedding cake.

Number of tiers.

75 – 100 people.

The table shows approximate market averages. In different confectionery norms by weight and tiers may differ, but not significantly. Economy segment confectionery makes cakes

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