1556 W.A.M. #1335 – Carpool Club – “Frequent Drivers” (2014) On the streets the number one attraction for the 2016 regular season is the annual W.A.M. Drive club. The group is so popular, it’s featured in a recent documentary titled Drive Time. According to the press release, the Drive Club is open daily from 6:30-9pm. On their first Saturday, they will open a 4 minute drive time. There is a 30 minute window before 3am and 3:30pm. The club’s schedule is the same. On Friday nights, they’ll take over 30 mins to open an hour to the 3 AM service. They also serve 6 meals a day. Drivers can register in the club at the W.A.M. Parking Garage. 1557 W.A.M. #1339