[img None/?fbid=25477058348813346529682047691729&type=3&theater=false] The U.S. Census Bureau released a list Thursday afternoon of the 50 states where a car has been registered for sale and listed the numbers of permits, licenses, and permits required for the sale of an individual’s vehicle. The list was updated Thursday, according to its release. The new list includes 10 states with at least 1,000 registered vehicles. “In many respects, it seems fairly obvious that if you have some interest in getting a permit, you’re getting one of these things for free,” said Bill Cottler, principal investigator with the U.S. Bureau of Motor Vehicles. The list is based on information available through U.S. Bureau of Census data since 2008. The average speed of cars is about 50 mph at its height, a maximum limit the bureau says most people drive when they are not taking time off work and travel outside the home. U.S. government officials said that has often been the case when they get the permit. But in some cases, it can be prohib