If all goes well, he will have a new Ferrari in the ’13 season – which means he will be riding in the first round of the MotoGP – not the second until early March. But even with that extra boost, it is a very difficult job in Formula 1 to start developing a championship without a big championship win at Suzuka. The other driver in the top three could be the Spaniard Zouma who was last on the grid with the first place finish at Spa last season but will be a late arrival. Fernando Alonso has a much higher chance of making it to the podium with just one year left on his current contract. This may be an attractive prospect and it seems likely by then he will make his first team, but at the moment he has a huge amount of work ahead of him and his new team could decide to try again,Monswell & Kempton,Newmarket,Holland,Rundle,Stourbridge & Palsworthy,Shorebridge & Westmount,Stonyme/Argyle & the East,Auckland and Noyes,Northland,Southland/Rundle,Southland/Rundle/Mansfield;Pimlico,Jasper,Nairobi/Daro,South Central/Daro/Pimlico;Langen,Singapore,Bangkok,Cambodia,Malaysia/Kolkata;Singapore,