This will make it easier for them to identify and test new gear as soon as they do. I have been training to use this for a very long time and I am not sure it was ever as reliable as the BMP8 and the BMP9. It is great to see that they were able to do it which is fantastic. The price of this gear is really nice too. They are very affordable and are very easy to get your hands on when you buy one from them. It appears as though they do not require any special servicing in order for it to happen. They are easy to understand if you look at their specifications. I did get one test set for the BMP9 and the other came from an experienced mechanic who has had it all. What do you think of this new BMPXC2? I got this guy’s BMPXC 2 and I can’t wait to see what comes out soon. It sounds really neat and looks great too. I’ve already reviewed the BMPXC2 with the 925R and will be updating this post as it appears the BMPXC3 is a little quieter too. The 8.0″ WG450 and S4P9 are both quiet too. I like the small 8