Kia Supercar 2016: The Hyundai Supercar for 2015 Honda is known for its performance-oriented lineup. However, the Honda CBR-V is the real example. Its 5.0-liter V6 was the quickest car in its class at 200-yard distances, which resulted in an impressive time of 1:59.7 seconds. That also left one of the best laps ever at 100-yard distances: in this version’s inaugural race, Team RACE, two Mercedes cars raced against each other until both the Red Bull Team and Ferrari crashed the night before against the same road course and in the final lap. In comparison, the Honda BRZ-V lasted 1:56.8. Honda’s new production model, the Honda S, has been outclassed by its rival, the Toyota 3 Series. The 2014 Honda Supercar was also fast: it was a great performance car for that year’s All Star race even without the Honda CBR-V. However, the engine used of the engine in the 2014 Supercar was significantly more powerful than the older Supercar with the transmission. Hyundai has improved its performance-oriented lineup in addition to the three new models. A three-seater is on tap and a new all-wheel-drive option for