I’m trying to make sure that the process is stable, even if we are still working on it. We can fix bugs when it runs out and this has been a pain (I got a message that while the game was working on getting stability, they got no error messages, so we hope they will see a small fix in the future (this is a minor problem), but this probably won’t be very long). On this list I decided to choose the following: The main advantage of running a full open source distribution is to make it easier and faster than writing code in the browser. You can always go ahead and download the latest version of your app from their official website. I recommend downloading the official Android source code. You won’t come across any issues with it and will install the correct version of your sourcecode. But without all the caveats and warnings, there are still a lot of ways of making your data available via the platform, so I’ve shown you how to use it. I decided to use a free app called SmartApp that can be used to run full open source apps that can make the Android user experience better and faster. You can find a list of open source sites and projects on github. Here is a short video demonstrating how the app gets started: The same app can work as a normal app on Windows on the Android device. To make a simple application, there should be only one screen: And you can easily check it if you need it. After that, you can launch the App, find a list of apps, add them to your list and let it work as the user. Using the App like this could make your life easier. And your personal data may just be stored on your phone and not made available on this PC.