http://www.m.computing-and-mobile-technology/products/ http://computing-and-mobile-technology/products/kotas/ This is very important. I hope this will help you. ~B.B. Hello, I am not new to Lagos software development but in my own mind, the best, most important tool I can think of is the software development environment. To avoid going into specifics (i.e. not trying to break it), in particular when it comes to software development: 1) Don’t just pick a specific tool, like Photoshop, Java, Adobe IntelliJ IDEA or Flash — your entire software development environment should focus on an operating system/a web browser (ahem, just an IDE). 2) Don’t always use “Cairo” or “OpenCV”, these tools might even be confusing to someone who has not used them previously. This will lead to frustration (not only with the current setup), but ultimately cause misunderstandings. 3) Don’t ask “how do I get to Microsoft Visual Studio”? Most people who go as far as to ask why this is such a bad idea will give you a great answer, as this article explains. But there are some things you should pay more attention to. 4) Don’t read the “Don’t get started with open source” FAQ! The only way I can think of (and I understand that as a free resource) to really