Kia Kia There are consumables that will help you drive more than 300,000 kilometers on Hyundai Solaris and Kia Rio without any problems. Brake pads are a typical consumable. If the old ones do not look very good, change them without hesitation. The plant for their production will appear only in 2026, but development begins today. The examination “Behind the wheel” passed – or rather, passed with difficulty or did not pass at all – the anti-roll bar. They are designed for many models of Hyundai, Kia and Renault, they are of high quality and reasonable price. They are distinguished by their low price, high quality and are approved by Za Rulem experts. Full car maintenance involves the use of high-quality consumables. The transition to the production of new cars will take three to four months. The shortage of a number of popular models of Korean brands in Russia will worsen. Expert “Behind the wheel” – about the results of the first winter of the Korean business sedan. The experts behind the wheel note the difference in driving performance, even if they compare the car of the previous generation with its successor. And far from always the advantages are on the side of the beginner. The shots promise a car with an off-road look and a tech-inspired interior. If the car just recently went out of warranty, has low mileage and generally looks like new … How much does its price now differ from the same, but new warranty cars?