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Working KnowledgeCSP is an internationally recognized source for practical and innovative knowledge management (KM) solutions that solve our clients’ toughest knowledge challenges. We co-deliver with our clients comprehensive consulting services for knowledge management assessments, co-delivering “fit for purpose” knowledge management strategies and frameworks; developing targeted knowledge management training and workshops; delivering KM tools and templates, and connecting you, when it makes sense, with “fit for purpose” enabling knowledge management technology. This includes understanding and facilitating the organization and personal behavior changes needed to make sustainable KM implementation a success.

Working KnowledgeCSP is also a leader in knowledge management consulting in federal acquisition. With 40 years of experience and expertise in federal acquisition, contracting, and program management, Working KnowledgeCSP is well versed in government acquisition regulations, processes, acquisition organizational structures, and workforce, with focus on the challenges and mitigation of risks and the issues of workforce turnover and knowledge loss facing the federal workforce.

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