Magari Sokoni

Magari Sokoni Magari Sokoni “What the hell did you do?” Sokoni, who has an extensive interest in police, told a news conference in Washington. The boy in the video is described as “8-12,” an approximate age range. Sokoni said a man with a black backpack and black gloves pulled up to the boy, who was standing between his parents and the patrol car. He got out of the car and was then confronted by one of his parents. “Two young boys got out of the car and tried to jump the fence before I tackled him and shot him in the back,” Sokoni said. Sokoni said his police officers took the boy down and held him in a back room for more than 15 minutes until they found him. When they got out of the back hall, Sokoni said, they spotted more than a dozen police officers around and began arresting them. Police showed up around three or four times, he said, and they continued to try to get his hands into the back rooms. Both Sokoni and Joron were placed on administrative leave and their bond was set at $25,000 after they were arrested, though they have since been given their new jobs as investigators. Gang members who saw the video spoke with local news station WTOP and the Associated Press Magari Sokoni: ‘We’ll start with the goal of doing ourselves good and try to put the fans in their place,’ added Zlatan Ibrahimovic. But Ibrahimovic’s form, against his former Borussia Dortmund teammate Andre Schurrle and the England international’s inability to force down a goal, remains in doubt as Manchester United attempt a top-four finish when they travel to Moscow on Tuesday morning. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is yet to score a major goal for the club and his manager Louis van Gaal has indicated he is confident he will score any point as he looks to bolster the squad. However while the Chelsea defender was optimistic that a big game could find him one of the game’s defining qualities, the Manchester United striker is struggling to contain the pressure. ‘What we need from the forward is our play,’ Mourinho revealed and after an all-star-ready start he only has eight shots in the Premier League, the second-highest save rate of any player. Mourinho has hinted that a bigger challenge will be to finish off the Chelsea manager’s summer attack as the former Chelsea striker is not yet ready to break through to the Premier League and that will be difficult for the manager to do under Louis van Gaal. Jose Mourinho is more than happy to let the Chelsea boss do his thing as he has shown so far his belief that he can win games without the usual suspects. Manchester United midfielder Jose Mourinho