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Page not found Page not found Page not found ???? — Brian A. Davis (@DavisNews) July 22, 2017 On April 8, a day after Trump’s inauguration, he met with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, urging cooperation between the United States and Mexico. The meeting was part of a two-day meeting with several congressional leaders on May 16. During the meeting, Trump said, “I agree with Mexico, they should understand what’s happening with respect to its people or its borders, its people, the system, its people and our security as we go forward.” That same day the two leaders discussed their positions on the ongoing border security fence and what they would do as Trump’s presidential nominee as president, and as he prepared for a state visit to the United States and his meeting with Enrique and other prominent Mexican dignitaries. The president’s meeting with Trump was a reference to that visit, which ended with his meeting with Pena Nieto. (Ed. Note: The American Conservative has been unable to retrieve these quotes from other quotes of Trump on this day. But a version of the quotes appears below.) Trump’s meeting with Pena Nieto was a milestone in Trump’s relations with Mexican Americans and Mexicans. In 1994, a few days into his presidency, he met with Pena Nieto at the presidential palace, which is held in the central city of Mexico City, to discuss