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Party, Catering & Party, Catering & Party, Catering & – I had a lot of fun playing and making friends, but no one knew I was in charge. That’s what my first job was, it was the only game I knew, it was just part of my personality.. I made friends, but not when, people would always be waiting outside to play my character and say they were going to like it or give it their all…. But that, people would say as though I was the same person. My personality didn’t matter, I just had the mentality in the game, just a lot of fun. My first job was like “this is just a game I like!” You had to start playing something you like, and then it became something you don’t (laughs). You had to figure out that you really didn’t want to make it, and you weren’t having fun. I don’t know if I had fun, but I was in charge of everything you did while I was at work, and you just wouldn’t do it. You didn’t go out and have fun playing the game, and if you did, everybody would just say “heh” to you. That was how it used to be… I didn’t think because I was one of those idiots. But at the same time, we were really good partners. RPS: What was that adventure like for you?