Review of monocular with Boshile 10*42 tripod mount

But he did come, so let’s move on to the video … And now through the monocular The video shows how discouraged I am by some protrusion at the place of the tripod mount.
Instructions. He walked towards me a little long
Specifications: Dimensions: 14.9 cm x 4.9 cm x 4.9 cm I never figured out that "near focus of 20 inches".
I photographed through the lens with a phone, Lenovo P780 – as I said, the color reproduction is precisely, and the camera as a whole is a weak point( Don’t you see? Me too As a bonus, there is a mount for a standard tripod thread at the bottom.
I moved to another place. But then I realized that this is a loop that just unscrews That is why I chose this one, the strongest among the meager choice of optics in this store – 10 * 42 monocular. Magnification:10X
Almost like here

Review of monocular with Boshile 10*42 tripod mount

Net Weight: 299 g

An overview of the most powerful optics in this store. Directly in the direction of the monocular there was a trash can and there were birds. Large inscriptions.

What pleases – the glass is perfect everywhere A working, usable monocular. And all this goodness is right under the cut. A trifle, but nice The actual monocular Maybe one of the amateurs and professionals in handling optics will tell in the comments about this?

Wow, there’s a car there. Objective lens: 42mm There is a video of unpacking, a photo of the kit and a short walk in the park with a tripod.
And if you twirl for a long time in your hands, you can unscrew this part
And a tripod

The thread is plastic =( Probably, I wasn’t the only one who dreamed in my childhood of good-quality binoculars, or, at worst, a monocular / spyglass? But my dream remained unsatisfied, and over the years, expectations from such a device go beyond any limits, and only an unreal wunderwaffle can satisfy an unsatisfied childhood dream that has grown up. It’s also not really what it’s about
And a very thin belt fastening on the other side And with the lens everything
A little oil was noticed at the joints of the parts The biggest numbers and the most seriously looked he was there.
Already got it out of separate bags – a napkin and a string
I already have a normal quality video, not 240p =) There’s nothing really important on the box.
Is this strange sticker Let’s go to the park with a monocular Now it’s more interesting – a cover made of medium quality nylon with Velcro on one side
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