However, a cloud storage provider usually promises to abide by these laws, in particular the GDPR, so you can safely determine that your data is being handled correctly. By Paul Wagenseil 23 August 2021. How to delete a Wi-Fi network on Android and iPhone. By Alan Martin 16 August 2021. VPN A Smart TV VPN is the only way to unblock content on your set, but different devices need different methods.

Here’s what it means to you. By Robert Irvine 17 August 2021. With cloud storage, your data is stored on servers housed in third-party data centers. Possible T-Mobile data breach may affect 100 million customers — what you can do.

Conclusion. Read our comparison of leading providers and how secure their cloud storage is, as well as what to look for in secure cloud systems, to find out more. Here’s how to do so.

Instead of passing a document from one colleague to another and dealing with versioning, entire teams can collaborate on a single document at once and ensure nothing is lost, because the content is stored remotely in the cloud. The top cloud storage services offer a level of security that’s hard to beat. Data stored in the cloud can be accessed at any time from anywhere, and by anyone with the authorized credentials to do so. Cloud storage takes away the requirement to purchase physical data storage solutions, and instead enables you to store your data with a third party, often at a much-reduced cost. Furthermore, when you store your data remotely in the cloud, you take away the risk of any of your on-premise equipment being stolen or damaged.

On the other hand, cloud storage providers enable you to scale your data storage solutions up or down depending on your needs and requirements. By Paul Wagenseil 17 August 2021. By Sally Wiener Grotta 24 August 2021. There are a wide range of benefits to choosing cloud storage over traditional hardware solutions.

Read on to learn more. If you care about your personal data, you shouldn’t do business with companies that do a lousy job of protecting it. T-Mobile ups number of data-breach victims to 54 million. No matter how much time and money you pour into an on-premise security solution for your data storage, it’s unlikely to match the security of a cloud data storage provider.

Worried that someone is using your Wi-Fi network without your permission? Here’s how to detect intruders, so you can disconnect them. Get ready for Zoom-based deepfake phishing attacks, expert warns.

Enterprise-grade security. Facebook said end-to-end encryption was now an option for Messenger voice and video calls, and being tested for Messenger group chats and calls, Instagram DMs and calls. By Paul Wagenseil 19 August 2021. The same can’t normally be said for servers maintained in-house. vpn International VPN Day might not be the celebration many of us asked for, but it’s certainly one we need. The latest strains of the AdLoad Mac malware punch right through Apple’s built-in defenses, reports a security firm.

By Alex Wawro 11 August 2021. Collaboration is a key factor in modern, data-driven businesses, and the ability to collaborate in real time on a working document is made possible with some, but not all cloud storage providers. T-Mobile has increased the number of accounts affected by its recent data breach by 6 million, for a total of 54 million. vpn The general consensus is that torrenting poses a risk to users, but just how true is that, and how can you avoid any dangers? On top of this, cloud storage is an easy cost to manage.

With so much data in their possession, security is a top priority for many cloud storage providers, and securing against the most advanced cyber threats enables them to outdo the competition. With most cloud storage providers, files are always up to date and can be accessed from any compatible device: be that a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. By Mo Harber-Lamond 20 August 2021. By Paul Wagenseil 20 August 2021. You are committed to your original expenditure.

Waiting for a package? Don’t click this phony UPS email. vpn Using a VPN is super simple nowadays, but there are still a few things that many users get wrong. By Sally Wiener Grotta 24 August 2021.

As the successor to Dropcam, the Nest Cam Indoor continues to set the standard for wireless home security cameras. With a cloud storage subscription, you can calculate exactly how much you will need to spend each month to keep the service active, and factor that cost into your business expenses. A malefactor with a Razer mouse could compromise your Windows 10 PC — but only if they can be there in-person.

By Paul Wagenseil 14 August 2021. A cloud storage service enables you to rent storage space at a far lower cost. Apple: It takes 30 child abuse images to trigger a warning. T-Mobile data-breach website lets anyone sign up for identity-theft protection.

However, you don’t just save money by forgoing the purchase of expensive hardware. Buying the equipment to store data on can be very expensive – especially if your organization is data-driven, and collects a lot of data. Kieron is a freelance science and technology journalist with more than a decade of experience writing for magazines in print and online. Nest Cam IQ review.

But that’s where the trouble begins. Facebook Messenger gets end-to-end encrypted voice, video calls; Instagram may be next. Many businesses may want to start small in terms of data storage, and increase the size of their solution as they grow.

Another benefit is centralization of your data. Nest Cam Outdoor review. How to lock down Google Drive files. This Mac malware breaks through Apple’s defenses — what you need to do.

From a business perspective, cloud storage is a very attractive alternative to traditional data storage, such as on-premise servers and portable hard drives, because it is far more affordable. By Sally Wiener Grotta 24 August 2021. If you commit to on-premise solutions, scaling up can be incredibly expensive – and, once you purchase the equipment and employ the staff to maintain it, scaling down is very difficult too. By Paul Wagenseil 16 August 2021. What’s more, the amount of storage available in the cloud is almost limitless.

Apple now has a Windows password manager, and this is how it works. vpn Netflix has recently changed up its VPN blocking technique with devastating effect. Could it use its dominance to kill free antivirus software? Scalability. Cost efficiency.

Like Razer gaming gear, SteelSeries keyboards, mice and headsets can let unauthorized users get full system control during the installation process. By Mo Harber-Lamond 19 August 2021. I tried using five VPNs to unblock Netflix – and it’s not good news. You’ve probably already heard of the major players like Google Drive and Dropbox, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. NortonLifelock merging with Avast — what does this mean for you?

NortonLifeLock plans to merge with Avast, and the combined company would have 25% of the market. Many businesses will benefit from this flexibility. Get instant access to breaking news, the hottest reviews, great deals and helpful tips. How to access your router’s settings.

By Paul Wagenseil 13 August 2021. Routers, range extenders and Wi-Fi adapters from at least 65 different manufacturers are being attacked by cybercriminals, and fixes aren’t yet available for most of the vulnerable devices. Removing the requirement for a dedicated IT team can result in huge savings. By Christian Rigg 11 August 2021. When you deal with hardware on premises, there is no telling when or if it will fail.

Is OpenVPN still fit for purpose? The results of falling foul of these regulations are severe, and can cost your company millions of dollars in fines, as well as making your customer data vulnerable to interception by malicious actors. The Nest Cam IQ Outdoor is a well-constructed, tamper-resistant, intelligent camera that’s part of the Nest Home security ecosystem. Deepfake technology is getting so good that it will become commonplace in phishing scams, an expert said at the Black Hat security conference.

As well as simplifying your data storage, a cloud storage provider will make your data more accessible, too. It makes business sense to make the switch from on-premise alternatives, especially if you deal with a lot of data. Another major draw to cloud storage solutions is the ability to scale the service depending on your needs. By Paul Wagenseil 19 August 2021.

Many cloud storage providers go to the lengths of employing full-time security guards to protect their servers, so you can rest assured your data is in good hands. The best Smart TV VPN 2021. By Mo Harber-Lamond 17 August 2021. However, the level of cybersecurity defense employed by a cloud storage provider to protect data from direct hacks, viruses, and other cyber attacks isn’t the only security provision in place. Nest Cam review.

With a better understanding of cloud storage technology, you can optimize the storage solution you need to run your business more effectively. How to see who’s on your Wi-Fi network. Razer mice could let strangers take over your Windows 10 PC. By Paul Wagenseil 20 August 2021. By Paul Wagenseil 11 August 2021.

A new malware scam starts with a convincing-looking fake email from UPS, and the included tracking link takes you to the real UPS site. By Marshall Honorof 23 August 2021. By Paul Wagenseil, Robert Irvine 20 August 2021.

By its very nature, a cloud storage solution is more secure than an on-premise alternative because the data stored is spread over multiple servers, meaning there is no single point of failure. Another area of security that a cloud storage solution covers is risk mitigation, in regards to compliance. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 View Archive.

Here are our top mistakes to avoid. So, you can be certain that no matter how much data you collect, you won’t run out of storage space – providing you can pay for it. vpn OpenVPN has been around for two decades, and while almost every VPN supports it, is it still fit for purpose? Here, we run down OpenVPN pros and cons. By Paul Wagenseil 24 August 2021. By Paul Wagenseil 22 August 2021.

By Mo Harber-Lamond 19 August 2021. Whichever provider you decide to go with, make sure you do your due diligence and find a service that suits your specific needs and requirements. Nest Cam IQ Outdoor review: Good features for a steep price. The Nest Cam Outdoor offers high-quality video and audio with easy-to-use apps, but you’ll need a pricey subscription plan. You will receive a verification email shortly.

T-Mobile breach fallout — it’s time to decide who deserves your business. By Mo Harber-Lamond 14 August 2021. Today, his focus is on cybersecurity, blockchain, and emerging tech. This brings tremendous flexibility to your organization, and means you don’t have to be in the office to access the data you need. It’s International VPN Day, but why should you care?

Availability. There are several business benefits to cloud storage, including cost efficiency, security, accessibility, and scalability, and there’s a range of the best cloud storage providers available, depending on your needs. Hundreds of thousands of home Wi-Fi routers under attack — what to do. A hacker says they’ve stolen account data on 100 million T-Mobile customers, including Social Security numbers, driver’s-license numbers and dates of birth.

Thank you for signing up to Tom’s Guide. Here, I test out our top services to see if they still work. Security.

A confusing week has seen Apple again clarify its child safety photo scanning policy, but executives continue to defend the principal. Are torrents actually dangerous? By Paul Wagenseil 20 August 2021. As well as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), there are many other data privacy laws and regulations that prohibit the misuse of customer data.

Here’s our complete guide. This hardware requires maintenance and IT staff to run it too. T-Mobile’s identity-theft-protection page for people affected by the company’s massive data breach asks only for an email address and phone number, meaning anyone can try to sign up.

AT&T denies 70 million user records were stolen from its servers. You may be well aware of the term, but unaware of exactly what it means – so, what is cloud storage? Essentially, cloud storage is a way of storing data off-premise simply and securely.

Scalability is a major consideration for businesses in all sectors, and along with factors like the number of staff members and the size of business premises, data storage must be scalable too. Following an FBI warning that crooks are breaking into food-delivery accounts, Tom’s Guide found that most delivery apps like Seamless, DoorDash and Instacart don’t offer basic account protections. Your food-delivery app is under attack by hackers so here’s what to do.

What is cloud storage? How it works and why your business can benefit. A well-known hacker claims to have 70 million user records stolen from AT&T, but the company denies a Toyota Raum 2002 data breach. You’ll save money, make your data more accessible, scale with ease, and benefit from increased security. Google lets you prevent other people from copying, downloading or printing your Google Drive files.

Apple has quietly released a password manager for Windows, but it’s not for anyone who doesn’t often use a Mac or an iPhone. Instead of having your data distributed over multiple locations, everyone in your organization is able to locate the information they need quickly and easily. Most providers of cloud storage also guarantee uptime, usually to a huge degree such as 99.9%. The Nest Cam IQ is a great outdoor security camera, but we prefer the Arlo Pro for its local storage and more affordable plans. Read our comparison feature pitting on-prem vs cloud storage to learn more about the two formats and how they compare.

By Robert Irvine 20 August 2021. A maintenance bill could come at any time, and knowing when to replace the equipment is relatively difficult to predict too. Here’s how to delete a Wi-Fi network on Android, iPhone or iPad, or stop your phone or tablet connecting automatically. As more and more people begin to work remotely, the option to be able to access data on the go will become even more of a benefit to businesses.

When an in-house data storage system fails, there could be significant downtime, and the effects on a business can be very damaging. By Jason Carpenter 24 August 2021. Common mistakes to avoid when using a VPN.

Want to change your Wi-Fi password, or set up a guest Wi-Fi network? You need to access your router’s settings — here’s how.

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