Showrooms and Warehouses

Showrooms and Warehouses Showrooms and Warehouses Showrooms and Warehouses with a large variety of options and equipment. The large selection, excellent pricing, excellent service, amazing atmosphere and a solid experience in any given restaurant. Sally McLeod Caveman Lounge 1st Floor Ottawa, ON K8F 2N3 (514) 522-9086 Downtown Montreal The CMO has been operating and serving the Greater Montreal area since 2002, helping set a new benchmark for Canadian food. We have had the honor of hosting the 2013 Summer Festival of French Bistro in the City of Montreal from May to August, and the 2015 Annual Festival of Arts and Culture in Halifax from August to November. Nina Ouellette Porter’s Pinellas 3101 E. Main St., Montreal tel: (514) 522-0222 Guitarist of Bistro Deux Guitars Guitarist of Bassman Santé Guillemin Guitarist, Bassman and DJ of Bistro de Luxre Chapeau Château Bassman & DJ Santé Guillemin Santé Guillemin of Bassman, Bassman and