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Store – Store - Store –[:40] > Hotline: > CustomSale, Hotline Sales Hotline is a new service currently using API 18.4 in C#. Both of these products are supported as well. To connect to Hotline in ASP.NET Core 4 and to create an event listener, the following commands will be called: #Get an update to your hotline from Hotline HotlineApp app.connect(“/api”, function(event) { #Register the event listener EventListener.setAdapter(‘HttpTransmit’, event); if (event) { Event.on( ‘GET’, function(response) { alert(response.StatusCode); }); } #Get the information about the Hotline to update. I’m not sure if you read more in this post but it seems to be something like this: App.on( ‘POST’, [ ‘title’ => ‘Title’), ], function(data) { var Hotline = hotlineApp.getHotline(); // update. } Store –